We are proud to introduce you to the Inspire Teaching School Alliance. We are a group of innovative schools and universities committed to excellence, leadership, faith and progress.

It is led by St Paul's Catholic College as a National Teaching School and National Support School. These are the three virtues that we believe are most important:


We make a deep rooted commitment to aspiring for all that is best for students and staff in our alliance and in schools we work with.


We believe to be 'outstanding in every way' we need to have exceptional teachers and school leaders.


As a group of schools we have a special commitment to supporting and developing faith schools.

Who is Inspire?

The Alliance is led by St Paul's Catholic College, a National Teaching School and National Support School in West Sussex. We work very closely with our strategic partners who cover a broad area of the South East region and share a firm commitment to 'outstanding education and learning'.

We have a wide range of other schools, universities and organisations as associate partners who are also actively involved including the delivery of the School Direct programme. We warmly invite you to get involved in all that we do and look forward to working with you in the future.