Teaching for Mastery Primary

Coldean Primary School is a larger than average primary school in Brighton that prides itself on being inclusive. The school’s motto is ‘learning together, inspiring each other’ and the life-long learning community ethos is reflected through the positive, vibrant and stimulating environment that engages, supports and challenges learners. The staff team embody the school motto and have been engaged in collaborative professional development within school and in partnership with colleagues across the region through the Sussex Maths Hub.

In 2016 the school applied to the NCETM and joined a Teacher Research Group to develop Teaching for Mastery in Mathematics. This Teacher Research Group built on the already strong foundations in mathematics at Coldean Primary from participation in the MaST programme and local collaborative work. Taking part in the Teacher Research Group meant two teachers from Coldean regularly met up with like-minded colleagues from six other schools across Sussex to develop pedagogy and practice in Teaching for Mastery in Maths. With dynamic and supportive leadership from headteacher Stuart McConnachie, the approach flourished and was adopted across the school. Emma Gale, maths lead and assistant head has recently been recruited by the NCETM to become a Primary Mastery Specialist.

Video Library

In these series of short films, Emma and Stuart talk to us about the journey that Coldean has undertaken. They share insights into pedagogy and learning; sharing how teachers’ day to day practices have changed and the pupils’ reactions to this new approach.

School leaders will be particularly interested to hear about the positive impact on standards and achievements along with the open and honest discussion about overcoming potential barriers. The leadership and management section shares the advice Coldean would offer to other leadership teams about to embark on this journey.

The professional development segment of the films throws light onto how Coldean have managed to enable their staff to learn together, support each other and collaborate effectively with a shared vision and goals.

Coldearn Primary School - Pedagogy & Learning - Part 1
Coldearn Primary School - Standards & Achievement - Part 2
Coldearn Primary School - Professional Development - Part 3
Coldearn Primary School - Leadership & Management - Part 4

We would like to thank Stuart McConnachie (Headteacher), Emma Gale (Maths Lead) and all the team and pupils at Coldean Primary for taking the time to share and celebrate their work. The Sussex Maths Hub commissioned this video to share the impact of the Teaching for Mastery (TfM) approach to support school improvement and development and thanks also go to Jenny Stratton (TfM Co-Lead) and Andy Wills (film maker) for capturing the practice at Coldean.