Early Years Project

In January 2016, the Bucks, Berks and Oxon, Surrey Plus and Sussex Maths Hubs came together with the plan to develop resources to support Early Years Practitioners in their understanding of early maths teaching. Taking part in the project were four experienced Early Years teachers and phase leaders, led by Marianne McDonnell (Specialist Leader of Education for EYFS at the Inspire Teaching School Alliance and Early Years work group lead for the Sussex Maths Hub) who worked together to develop this resource. Aware of the broad geographical area our hubs covered and aware that in many schools there is only one Early Years class, the group decided to create films which could be shared easily and widely and allowed the viewer to see the maths in action.

Video Library

These films are designed to support practitioners in broadening their understanding of how some key concepts in early maths develop. The team chose six concepts: counting, comparing, sharing, estimating, addition and subtraction and recording children’s mathematical exploration and created videos with footage of children working with their teachers in their usual classroom environment.

As we know, teaching and learning in the Early Years is a delicate balance of direct adult input where new ideas and concepts can be explored and children’s own explorations where they are free to encounter those same concepts through play.

While these films focus on the adult interactions which can help to scaffold learning, this is only one part of an important learning story. Each video also contains a reflection with a range of ideas to support practitioners in creating a playful, maths rich environment where children can encounter, explore and engage with these concepts.

We hope that these films will inspire practitioners to reflect on and develop their understanding of early maths. As a group of Maths Hubs we recognise the importance of the Early Years and are committed to supporting the people working with our youngest children. If you would like to find out more about what further support is available, please contact your Maths Hub directly.

South Farnham School - Addition by counting on
St Peter's Catholic Primary School - More & Fewer
St Peter's Catholic Primary School - Sharing
Juniper Hill Primary School - Estimation
South Farnham School - Vocabulary of Addition and Subtraction
Juniper Hill Primary School - Recording using Marks

We would like to thank Katie Barnsley, Julie Harris, Holly Skinner and Hayley Simmons for all their work in this project. The staff and children at Juniper Hill Primary School, South Farnham Infant School and St Peter’s Catholic Primary School for allowing us to film their classes and Keith Perera at Sussex Maths Hub for bringing these films to life. In particular special thanks to Andy Wills for filming and editing the pieces in the spirit of collaboration.